What to Expect

Consider this a simple course syllabus.

You paid to be here, and we want you to feel you received so much more than you paid for. Much of that is up to you, though. We will provide the content, tools, the opportunity to ask questions, and encouragement. YOU have to put in the work.

Each week you will have a few "lessons" to complete. Many will be reading, beginning with book chapters from Lacy's book, Addicted to Love. We will include podcasts and might throw in a quiz or two (no grades, we promise!) Plan to spend at least 60 minutes per week on the materials we ask you to complete. This is in addition to our 75-minute weekly group coaching and calls to each other during the week.

You are encouraged to record your thoughts, feelings, questions, and even your freak-out moments. We get it. This journey is not one you ever would have chosen. But, you are here now, with the responsibility to make it count. You are also not alone. Jon has been there, and Lacy chose the emotional affairs. We are going to let you into our personal journey. Please be respectful and honest. If you feel triggered, this is a great place to share. We can handle it and want to give you a safe place to open up.

Your assignment is to block out either one 60-minute block or two 30-minute blocks for each of the next 14 weeks. This is a 12-week course, but holidays, summer, and sometimes regular life might mean needing to postpone a meeting. If at least 2 members are unable to be at any meeting, we will postpone. Please let us know as far ahead of time if you cannot make it.

Yours in Recovery,

Jon & Lacy

Complete and Continue