Recover U is the educational-coaching side of the Protected Hearts Women's Recovery Network & Community. We have been where you are, and we know how hopeless you might feel. That can end, today.

Our coaching courses are designed for women who have been (or are) love, relationship, fantasy, and even pornography or sex addicted--just like we were. We also understand the intense pain emotional affairs can cause, and how addictive relationship patterns can lead to a need for recovery from such an affair. Just because you didn't cross the line into sexual infidelity doesn't mean you aren't suffering the consequences of a double life you can't seem to find your way out of. Many of the women in our community are healing from sexual and/or emotional affairs. They get the confusion you might be feeling. So do we.

Note: Signing up for any Protected Hearts courses will add you to our user list, but you will still need to enroll in specific courses and coaching products to access course content.

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Created and designed by real women who saw a need and chose to fill it.

Because we have been where you are and found our way out, we can help you navigate the path of not just sobriety from your behaviors, but recovery of yourself in the process.

We understand how confused, hopeless, and frightened you might feel. We know how isolating intimacy-based addictions are. We know how capable you are, once you have the right tools.

Join our network of groups, classes, and other women fighting to free themselves from self-destructive patterns of self-sabotage.

Welcome to Protected Hearts Community and Recover U!

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women's recovery community for love addiction

You are not alone and we want you to know that. You might also have trauma from or resistance to a communities that combine all women, addicted or betrayed, in one place. Everyone in our communities is here for her own SLP (Sex, Love, Porn) recovery.

We are aware how important being off certain platforms can be to recovery. That is why we have created a variety of communities on various platforms, including Facebook, Mighty Networks, WhatsApp and Discord. All of our communities are private, meaning only those in the community can see who has joined.

We take your unique needs as seriously as we take your privacy and recovery. That is why we also have a variety of community options as well. Do you need female-bodied only community, trans or non-binary community, or would you like a community that combines all of these groups? We have that!

Lacy heads up the female-bodied community.

Heather leads the trans, non-binary community.

They work together to support the combined community.

Lacy's husband runs the male partner of SLP addiction community.

For your comfort & safety, continual efforts are made to keep all of these communities free from lurkers, predators, researchers and curious parties.


As amazing as finding community is, you need to learn new ways of relating to yourself and others. So did we.

Recover U is the educational, coaching-based side of the Protected Hearts Network. You will find courses that run a few weeks, or many months. You can purchase just the coursework materials and work through it with your sponsor, therapist or coach, or you can join a class that meets on a weekly basis.

We have courses that focus on early recovery, self-regulation, relationships, and advanced recovery, with more being developed all the time. We also offer a husband & wife led male partner support class for those guys out there who need support navigate the consequences of an intimate partner's SLP (Sex, Love, Porn) addiction.

All courses are packed full of validation, tools, new mindset options, and other individuals navigating situations similar to yours. The courses are led by one or more mentors and coaches who live and breathe what they teach you. Course materials remain yours to access for as long as we offer that course. This means you can come back to it anytime for a refresher!

You can also re-join a class you have previously taken whenever you would like at the current monthly subscription price.

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Every course was written and developed by Recovery Coaches with their own solid recovery and sobriety. You get access to our favorite hacks for recovery & healing, along with personalized coaching inside each class. Even if you decide to only purchase the coursework materials, they are also full of coaching suggestions, encouragement, and valuable insights from at least one of our coaches.

We also know how much support you might need while you break off affairs, learn to navigate life without porn, and rebuild yourself enough to rebuild your relationships. Maybe you only need a few minutes a week to check in with a coach, or maybe you want a one-on-one Intensive with a certified life coach. Maybe you want something in between. Great! We have all of those available to you and have been known to prove just how much we want to help you by coming up with an option to fit your individual needs. (Like those times TWO of us coached the same women so they always had someone they could reach to talk them off the ledge of reaching out or acting out!)

Our entire philosophy is based on coaching as an effective resource for healing and recovery. Our coaches can work in conjunction with your existing or new licensed therapist. We are comfortable with the CSAT* model and love working with CSAT therapists to help you get awesome recovery, fast.

*CSAT: Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

love addiction coaching

Hello, and welcome to Recover U!

We are Heather and Lacy, founders and Master Recovery Coaches in the Protected Hearts Network. The courses and classes you join were written from our experience and share all of our favorite tools (along with a bit of our humor to help you navigate the long journey to full, lasting recovery!)

We don't really believe in the term "love addiction" as love is a basic need and isn't actually the issue. We still use it, but often clarify we are actually talking about intimacy disorders, lust & fantasy-based obsession, toxic attachment (r), and what we call SLP, or Sex, Lust, Pornography addiction. If this resonates with you, welcome aboard!

We joined forces to bring Protected Hearts Network & Community to life in early 2021. PH fills a massive hole for women-centric resources developed by women who have found recovery. Together, we bring unique, complementary skill sets to the table for Recover U, the educational coaching side of the Protected Hearts Network. Our dream is to a movement to empower all women sexually, socially, emotionally, and relationally. We firmly believe that a woman who knows her value as a human being can change the world for herself and those she loves. We also stand by the assertion that every person has a right to and need for resources specific to their identities and experience.

Welcome to Recover U!

Are you looking for recovery meetings? We currently offer 5 each week with more coming soon. Schedule, cost, audience and links are listed below.

  1. Tuesday evenings, FREE. Open to biological women and women in transition (MtoF or FtoM) seeking recovery from SLP addiction (sex, love, porn). 6 pm Pacific/ 7 pm Mountain/ 8 pm Central/ 9 pm Eastern. Sponsored, run by Lacy or Heather on an alternating basis. Link: Tues
  2. Tuesday evenings, FREE. Open to male-bodied partners of any SLP (sex-, love-, porn-addicted) person. 7:05 pm Pacific/ 8:05 pm Mountain/ 9:05 pm Central/ 10:05 pm Eastern. Sponsored by Led by Lacy's husband, Jon. Link: Guys
  3. Thursday afternoons, $200/month, small group (caps at 8 women). Open to Christian biological women seeking recovery from SLP addiction (sex, love, porn). 11 am Pacific/ 12 pm Mountain/ 1 pm Central/ 9 pm Eastern, Sponsored by Real Love Recovery LLC, run by Lacy. Link: Meeting
  4. Saturday morning, FREE. Open to all biological & cis women (including F to M transition/non-cis female-bodied) seeking recovery from SLP addiction (sex, love, porn). 8 am Pacific/ 9 am Mountain/ 10 am Central/ 11 am Eastern sponsored by Protected Hearts, run by Lacy. Link: Meeting
  5. Sunday afternoon, FREE. Open to trans and non-binary individuals seeking recovery from SLP addiction (sex, love, porn). 2 pm Pacific/ 3 pm Mountain/ 4 pm Central/ 5 pm Eastern sponsored by, run by Heather. Link: Trans
  6. Evergreen Get Sober, Girl! Class, paid & monthly subscription for female-bodied individuals, cis or trans; FtoM. Email [email protected] for more information or enroll in the desired course on the "All Products" page. Run by Heather & Lacy every week. "Re: GSG!"
  7. Evergreen Male Partner Support Class, paid & monthly subscription. Email [email protected] for more information or register for the course on the "All Products" page. Run by Lacy & her husband Jon every week. "Re: Male Partner"
  8. This fall! Evergreen "Toxic Attachment: Healing from the Inside Out" Class. Now enrolling beta participants with TONS of BONUSES! Email [email protected] for a pre-enrollment interview & registration details.
  9. By 2023! Get Sober! course materials. For Trans & Non-binary individuals. Once 3 or more individuals register, Heather will run a class. Email h[email protected] for more information or to join the waiting list. "Re: Get Sober!"
  10. By 2023! Self-directed Mindful Recovery Methods audio-video course. Join the email list for updates! If enough interest, Heather will start an evergreen class. Lacy might already be enrolled, haha! #KeepLearning!

*Evergreen: a weekly meeting open to those who have paid for the course (materials) and class (meetings) either as a bundle or, as a monthly subscription when bundle time runs out.

NOTE: You can sign up for the Protected Hearts/Recover U email list and get updates on course materials and class enrollment periods delivered automatically. Just be sure to add [email protected] to your contacts list and have our emails sent to your main inbox.